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We are pleased to announce that Nehemiah has gained the highest possible regulatory ratings from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). Following a recent in-depth assessment of the association, the HCA has awarded Nehemiah with top scores for its governance and financial viability (G1 and V1). The assessment was carried out between October and December 2016 and reviewed Nehemiah's risk profile and governance, as well as its stability and financial strengths, future strategies for development and understanding of the operating context. The HCA published the results on its website on 22 February 2017, as part of a wider list of judgements on how well registered housing providers are meeting regulatory standards. Nehemiah’s Chief Executive, Llewellyn Graham said: “We are delighted with the G1 & V1 grading. It is testament to the hard work of both the board and staff here at Nehemiah. This grading is the highest a housing association can achieve and gives both our customers and stakeholders confidence that we are not only fully compliant with HCA's standards but we are at the pinnacle of the standards. I believe our clear sense of direction one that has been the mainstay of our association since its inception; our strong commitment to supporting the community in which we operate; our competent and challenging board, stable executive team and financial strength were key to us gaining the top gradings. We are always striving to improve even in these difficult economic times and in 2017 we will be building on the systems and procedures we have put in place to achieve the top regulatory status for the benefit of our customers and communities.” Nehemiah Chair Jimmy Ogunshakin added: “I am extremely proud of this achievement. It follows a great deal of hard work on the part of the board, the staff and the executive team and I look forward to leading Nehemiah UCHA to further success and continuing to ensure that we positively respond to the challenges facing the social housing sector. This endorsement provides our customers and stakeholders with the confidence that we are a well-run and financially strong organisation and reaffirms Nehemiah UCHA’s reputation as one of the leading housing associations in the areas in which we operate. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our board, executive team and staff together with our partner stakeholders for their continued support.”

Nehemiah United Churches Housing Association Ltd is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 - 25952.

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