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Supported Housing


Nehemiah manages a total of 19 units across two Schemes in Wolverhampton; Seacole Court and Vine Square, for young families who need a bit of extra support to help them live independently. The flats across both schemes are suitable for couples or individuals. Tenants can live in the flats for up to two years and during their stay will receive a range of support from our staff.

During a stay at Seacole Court and Vine Square, our staff provide customers with help to maintain a tenancy, budget and manage bills. We will also support you when looking at their future education and employment options.

To find out about being housed in Seacole Court, or Vine Square please contact the scheme for further information.


Seacole Court: 01902 753 487

Vine Square: 01902 421  527 

Email: contact@nehemiah.co.uk