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How We Are Governed

Nehemiah is currently led by a Board comprising nine members. The Chair is supported by a Vice-Chair and seven other board members. The Board meets (at least) 4 times and has 2 away days a year.

The Board is currently supported by two Committees,

  • Audit and Risk
  • Operations

Members have a wide range of experiences within the public, voluntary and private sectors. These committees meet usually every three months with the senior members of staff as required to examine the strategic management of the association and its business plan. They safeguard, plan, control and monitor the financial viability and risks of the association. Members can access governance information by clicking onto http://effectiveboardmember.co.uk/the-governance-forum/

Our Board & Committee Members:

Chair-  Bishop Wilton Powell OBE

Vice Chair - Prof. Martin Levermore MBE

Cheif Executive- Llewellyn Graham

Treasurer & Chair of Audit & Risk Committee – Martin Levermore MBE

Chair of Operations Committee – Amarjit Singh

Maxine White; Martin Levermore MBE; Amarjit Singh; Tracey O'Brien; Dexter du Boulay and Kishen Hawkins; Marlena Green and Winston Weir.

We also have three ambassadors for Nehemiah Housing: Andrew Pratt, Edward Richards and Audrey Taylor.