Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


Nehemiah Housing Association undertook its first Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Assessment earlier this year utilising an assessment framework of the Sustainability Reporting Standards for Social Housing devised by RSM UK.

The ESG interim assessment was developed as an introductory review of current ESG performance and reporting, and  recommendations were made to assist in improving performance.

What is ESG?

The Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing is a framework for housing providers to measure and communicate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance in a recognisable and consistent way.

The aim of the ESG report produced following our first assessment is to show our commitment in these key areas and to recognise both the extent of our impact, and the opportunities to improve.

Work Performed

The following work was performed to tailor our framework to Social Housing and Nehemiah, and complete the assessment:

• Nehemiah’s ESG working group completed the RSM’s self-assessment ESG questionnaire – which was subsequently reviewed

• One focus group with RSM and the ESG working group were held

• Reviewed selected internal documents as sent to RSM

• Reviewed public information on Nehemiah and ESG

• Reviewed relevant frameworks for Social Housing and best practice in ESG


Based on work performed, RSM have scored across a range between awareness (level 1) and managing (level 3), this is shown on page 11 of the report which can be downloaded below.

In addition to the report, the self-assessment results have been sent and should be used in combination with this report to update ESG reporting in the annual report.

Overall, Nehemiah performed well in the interim maturity assessment, with improvements identified across all areas to drive change.

We recognise that we are still in the early stages of reporting in this way and that we are all involved in a process of continual improvement, enhancement, and refinement rather than a journey to a fixed end point. There is still plenty in here for us to work on – including our procurement processes, and the management of waste to reduce pollutants. In the coming years we will also be focusing on this and doing all we can to support those customers hit hardest by fuel poverty through extending our retrofit programme, coupled with helpful financial information and advice.

Our tenants are at the heart of our purpose. We believe that reporting and measuring impact in the way we have highlighted in this report will continue to improve the experiences of customers across our region.

We are proud to be one of the housing associations that is leading the way with this crucial work. The full report can be downloaded below.

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