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Get Involved – Together We Create Housing That Works For You

Nehemiah Housing Association is committed to our tenants – to you – and is proud of the fact we provide so much more than simply housing.

We provide homes that come with a range of supportive services to enable you to live happily, comfortably and in the most rewarding way within your community.

Our engagement with all of our tenants in all of our housing schemes and properties, means we are able to improve services and help you gain new skills along the way.

Your contribution is key as it helps us to improve all we do – to improve any areas we need to and to tailor our range of services to match the needs of our tenants.

Get involved and influence the outcomes that affect you, your homes and your communities.

Together we can create the best possible housing and communities for our tenants to enjoy.

It is straightforward to get involved.

We offer training and assistance where needed, as well as payment to cover any travel costs you incur or help to arrange transport.

You can get involved in different ways and we are grateful for any time you can give. Maybe you would like to take part in person or you may prefer to complete one of our surveys or feedback requests – maybe you can commit to just a small amount of time or perhaps 2-3 hours every month.

Whichever way you choose to get involved and help us to grow, we welcome your input.

Choose Your Level Of Commitment

There are many opportunities for involvement and you can choose the one that works for you.

As a guide, these opportunities only require a small amount of time and dedication, approximately 5-10 minutes each time:

These involve providing feedback by completing one of our surveys, such as customer satisfaction or following a repair. Or they may involve joining a focus group, reviewing our services or attending one of our planned sessions. These help to keep us up-to-date with tenant opinions as well as increase our awareness of general tenant satisfaction and expectation.

During our estate inspections and walkabouts, we aim to give the tenants and Nehemiah staff the opportunity to work together to make sure that the neighbourhood and properties are places where tenants are happy to live, for now and in the future. Tenants will also be able to attend the estate inspections, where together we will pick up issues and create actions for service improvements.

Community events and open days are held to provide more information about the service Nehemiah provides. An opportunity to promote tenant involvement and the advantages of getting involved – all carried out in a friendly, fun, and informal environment.

As a guide, these opportunities require a medium amount of time and dedication, approximately 2-3 hours every 2-3 months:

This group manages the application of activities and performance targets that are outlined within the Customer Engagement Strategy. In addition to this, the group closely examines all tenant information and feedback against Nehemiah Housing Services and monitors the annual tenant satisfaction results.

This typically involves selecting topics for discussion and having the opportunity to ask questions regarding service delivery and to offer any suggestions for improvement, before producing an action plan for further enhancement to the service delivered.

This group meets on a routine basis to prepare, create and contribute to the quarterly publication of the tenant newsletter. This group also has an involvement in the review and introduction of materials and publications.

Take a look at recent Tenant Newsletters

The panel reviews anonymous information relating to logged complaints on a quarterly basis. The panel may consider any significant developments and will make suggestions for service developments.

This is a group for our retirement scheme and sheltered housing residents. Designed for tenants to come together, share thoughts and experiences, and talk about matters appropriate to their wishes with the support of their Scheme Manager.

As a guide, these opportunities require a high amount of time and dedication, approximately 2-3 hours every month:

This group discusses a range of issues and participates in the decision-making process to improve housing services for all. This group is consulted on all tenant-related policies as well as procedures and current issues affecting Nehemiah Housing Association and its tenants, and works in conjunction with the Nehemiah Operational Committee.

Find Out More

Opportunities to get involved will be advertised on social media and on our website and you can commit as much or as little time to suit your other commitments.  

Many opportunities for involvement are a one-off and there is a wide range of opportunities to enable everyone from all backgrounds, ages, and groups to contribute.

Marcia Cunnison – Customer Engagement Officer

If you would like to know more and get involved, please contact our Customer Engagement Officer Marcia Cunnison by emailing Marcia.Cunnison@nehemiah.co.uk or by calling 07739 705 048 or 0121 358 8030.  

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