Nehemiah Has Joined TPAS

As proud supporters of customer engagement, we’re happy to announce we have joined TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service) the not-for-profit organisation that promotes, supports and champions tenant involvement and empowerment in social housing across England. 

By joining TPAS, we are supporting all Nehemiah tenants and staff – that’s over 4000 tenants in more than 1230 homes and around 43 members of staff (including 11 board members) – to access membership benefits including the latest tenant engagement training practices, specialist advice, housing briefings and a free helpline.

Improving Tenant Engagement

TPAS wants to improve tenant engagement standards by bringing landlords and tenants together. It provides impartial advice, support, consultancy, and training.

At Nehemiah, we already use customer feedback to shape our services, and this is something that we are very proud of. Marcia Cunnison our Customer Engagement Officer also runs lots of tenant engagement events, meetings and activities to ensure we are getting your feedback on how we are doing as a Landlord. We want all our tenants to feel appreciated, that your voice is heard, and that our services are designed to meet your needs.

In becoming members of TPAS it will enhance what we have been doing already and will assist our staff members and tenants understand how regulatory changes in the housing sector will affect us.

Benefits For Tenants

There is a lot of changes in social housing at the moment and TPAS can help you understand how the changes might affect you and how you can hold us to account.

TPAS offer a variety of events such as workshops, focus groups and webinars. They publish breakdowns of complicated documents like the Social Housing White Paper and send regular newsletters on topical housing issues. 

By taking advantage of our TPAS membership as a tenant, you can:

  • Receive invites to TPAS’s virtual and in person roundtables, focus groups and workshops
  • Opportunities and routes to influence national policy.
  • Access to TPAS’s exclusive member Resource Hub for all your engagement needs.
  • Receive advice on engagement issues via TPAS’s enquiry service.
  • Access to TPAS’s tenant only online networking group to create engagement conversations across England.
  • Opportunities to share your experiences and opinions.
  • Opportunities to join TPAS’s Board of Directors
  • And much more …

To request access to our membership, simply search for ‘Nehemiah Housing’ at www.tpas.org.uk/Tenant and then click ‘join as a tenant.’ Enquiries can also be made to info@tpas.org.uk or call 0800 731 1315.

We Really Want You To Get Involved

In addition to TPAS, there are lots of other ways tenants can get involved and engage with Nehemiah and other tenants. From joining an estate walkabout and getting involved with tenant engagement events and tenant meetings, to having a say on how services are delivered to you and your neighbours. Find out more here or contact Marcia Cunnison, Customer Engagement Officer Tel: 0121 358 8030 or via email marcia.cunnison@nehemiah.co.uk