It’s Black History Month & Time To Celebrate Our Sisters!

Posted on: 03 Oct 23

We are pleased to be supporting and cheering our way through Black History Month 2023.

An annual 4-week-long celebration, recognition and reflection of the vital contributions of black people to British society and their important contribution throughout British history, October will be a busy month of events – so get ready to join in the proceedings across the West Midlands.

What Happens During Black History Month?

This year’s theme is about honouring black women’s achievements and Saluting Our Sisters. The aim of Black History Month 2023 is to highlight the invaluable role women have played in shaping our history, communities and inspiring change.  

What Can You Do To Mark Black History Month?

You can have your voice heard (see below) and find out about the events that are running in October across Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, and Telford, including improv, performances, talks and ballet, here.

Celebrate With Nehemiah

Community is at the core of Nehemiah Housing, and we want all our tenants to feel valued and able to celebrate who they are and what in particular makes them proud to celebrate Black History Month.

We asked a few of our tenants and staff who they think of when they consider this year’s theme, Saluting Our Sisters, and have included some highlights below.

If you’d like to add your views to this then please contact Marcia Cunnison our Customer Engagement Officer on 0121 358 0966 or via email contact@nehemiah.co.uk and we will update this blog with your words.

Nehemiah Tenant, Doreen Corser, said:

“I really don’t take pictures of myself, not really me, but here’s a quote from Author Alex Elle (wellness educator) and a lot more: ‘ Women forget how much we can inspire one another. No one understands us like us.

“I think that every woman has something special about them, if you sit down and have a conversation, we would be surprised. It is so true that no one understands us like us. All the things from young to seniors we have been through, still going through, is amazing. There’s a real life story in us all, inspiration beyond our own thoughts.”

Nehemiah Corporate Services Manager, Janet Dubidat, said:

“My inspiration, Maya Angelou, famously says ‘when people tell you who they are, believe them the first time’ – sometimes first impressions are truly who an individual is.

“Also, from an unknown source, ‘when you write the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen’ – for me this means that I have to control the narrative about my life story and not leave it to the interpretation of others.”

Eden Johnson, Nehemiah HR Advisor Trainee, said:

“My inspiration since when I was a child being taught history at school has always been Mary Seacole. I remember feeling a sense of pride when learning about her story of going out of way to help and care for others even where she was shunned and turned away for the colour of her skin (she was denied financial assistance from the Crimean Fund and had to fund the building of the hospital herself). Even now she serves as a reminder that endurance and resilience are required to achieve what you are called to do, which may not necessarily result in success or riches.

“After the Crimean War, Mary Seacole returned to London destitute. However, others recognised her service, and a public fund was set up in her name; patrons included members of the Royal Family.”

Tenant Vanessa Sealy said

“As Maya Angelou says ‘Dear creator you the borderless sea of substance we ask you to give to all the world that which we need most – Peace.”

Tenant Gwen Bailey said:

” Firstly my mum. She laid the foundation for her children. She showed unconditional love and I appreciate the sacrifices she made and realised it more when I had my own children

“Diane Abbott. The First black woman MP. She’s still standing up for her community after all this time, and all the misplaced anger some people have against her.

“Judi Love for sustaining her black culture on daytime TV and in comedy

“And still I rise’. Maya Angelou has to be one fantastic poet strong black woman that’s come through some terrible things and still she rises – very smart woman

“The strong, ambitious and motivated black women around me and in my life – I love you all because I can see and hear the struggles and the achievements and can connect more to real life situations.

“Generations should be celebrating their ancestry not only in October but throughout the year.”

We all have to agree with that final sentiment don’t we.