Water Saving Week 2023: Save Water & Money

Posted on: 18 May 23

To mark our support of Water Saving Week 2023, which runs from 15-19 May, we wanted to share some tips that we have on saving water and money in your home.

This week-long campaign is a great opportunity for all of us to reduce our water usage and understand that by making small changes to how we use water, we will make big changes to our energy bills as well as to our impact on the planet in the future.

Organised by Waterwise for the seventh year running, Water Saving Week is designed to raise awareness of the value of water and the importance of using it wisely. During the week, the water efficiency charity will share ideas and advice on becoming less wasteful and more thoughtful with our water use.

Nehemiah Is Here To Help

We want our tenants to live in affordable, comfortable, and water efficient homes.

To help tenants to save water and money in their homes, we have some tips:

  • Use less hot water
    Using less hot water will save on your energy bill, even if the amount is small. For example, reducing your shower by just 1 minute can save up to £128 per year.
  • Turn the tap off
    Running water is wasteful and uses approximately 6 litres per minute. By turning the tap off when you brush your teeth twice a day, you will save a lot of water.
  • Take a shower
    Swap the bath for a shower as this uses less water on average.
  • Load appliances
    Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are full before you turn them on, as this will make the most of the water use.
  • Upgrade your loo
    By upgrading to a dual-flush toilet, you could save up to 12,500 litres of water per person per year.
  • Fix leaky taps
    Fixing leaky taps quickly will stop water being wasted unnecessarily.

You can find out more about Water Saving Week 2023, which runs from 15-19 May, here.  Be sure to look out for more tips and advice on ways to reduce water usage, throughout this week.