Wolverhampton Safeguarding Week 2023

Posted on: 03 Jul 23

Monday 3rd – Sunday 9th July 2023.

We are this week supporting Wolverhampton Safeguarding Together Partnership and their annual Safeguarding Week campaign. Housing Associations like Nehemiah have a key role in tackling abuse and/or violence. We will always take steps to assist and support any person suffering from or threatened with domestic abuse or who feels unsafe in their own home.

At Nehemiah, we are proud to be an organisation that takes safeguarding seriously. 

Safeguarding is all of our responsibility. It is important that we understand what it is, what it means for tenants, staff and their families and know how it works at Nehemiah.

Nehemiah’s Safeguarding Lead Pamela Farquharson says: “Every child, young person and adult, regardless of age, has the right to live a life free from harm and mistreatment, the right to feel, and to be, safe. At Nehemiah, we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment where all individuals are protected from abuse. We welcome initiatives like this provided by The Wolverhampton Safeguarding Together Partnership which raises awareness of this critical issue.”

The Wolverhampton Safeguarding Together Partnership says: “We would like as many people as possible in Wolverhampton to know how to raise a safeguarding concern and to highlight the support and services available to help.”

Nehemiah Housing is supporting this and extending the message out to all of our tenants across the West Midlands to spread the messages and support that is available.

The campaign this year will focus on the following themes.  

  • What is Safeguarding
  • Mental Health
  • Exploitation
  • Early Help & Prevention
  • Online safety
  • Domestic abuse
  • Getting help

Nehemiah has its own team that monitors tenants wellbeing and liaises with external statutory agencies when safeguarding incidents are raised. We have more information on how we can help on our website here. As part of Nehemiah Housing’s commitment to safeguarding, Nehemiah undertakes regular Safeguarding training for all employees through external professional bodies. Safeguarding Lead Pamela Farquharson briefs staff on Nehemiah’s safeguarding policies and shares any changes in legislation relating to safeguarding when it occurs, as well as developing and having overall responsibility for the implementation of the association’s safeguarding policies and procedures.

How to get involved

If you want to get involved in the Wolverhampton Safeguarding Together Partnership initiatives you can do by:

  • Support or visit one of their public events.
    • Monday 3rd July & Friday 7th July in the Mander Centre (outside Wilko’s)
  • Share their social media messages using Twitter and Facebook with #WVSafeguardingWeek
  • Take part in one of their learning sessions – there will be sessions available for members of the public and practitioners working in Wolverhampton.
  • Use and share their resources to raise awareness of safeguarding.

You can find more information on the events and activities being organised by them on the SW2023 webpage

For more information and assistance contact Pamela Farquharson Nehemiah Safeguarding Lead or contact your Housing Officer – email contact@nehemiah.co.uk or telephone 0121 358 0966 or visit https://nehemiah.co.uk/your-home/tenant-wellbeing/safeguarding