Energy Savers Week 2024

Posted on: 15 Jan 24

We’re delighted to be supporting this year’s Energy Savers Week, which takes place between 15th and 21st January.

Run by Citizens Advice and Energy Saving Trust, the week focuses on providing advice and tips on ways to heat homes for less – designed to help people stay warm this winter while saving energy.

What Happens During Energy Savers Week?

At its core, Energy Savers Week has 5 winter tips to share over the course of the week.

The top 5 tips to reduce your heating bills this winter, are:

  • Turn the thermostat down by 1℃
    The simple measure of reducing the temperature in your home by just 1℃ could save you around £105 per year on your energy bills. To ensure you are warm and comfortable, we advise you keep your thermostat above 18℃.
  • Wrap Up Your Hot Water Cylinder
    To reduce the heat loss from your hot water system and save you money in the process, it’s a good idea to invest in a hot water cylinder jacket. These normally cost less than £30, are easy to fit and will cut your energy bills by around £50 per year.
  • Switch Off Your Heating When You Head Out For A Few Hours
    Unless you own a heat pump, it will save you money if you turn your heating off when you’re out and then reheat your home once back, compared to keeping your heating on low when you’re out.
  • Keep Radiators Clear
    By making sure your radiators and heaters aren’t blocked by furniture, you’ll make your home more energy efficient, and it will cost you less to keep your home warm.
  • Buy Draught Proofing Strips
    By fitting draught proofing strips to your windows and doors, you can save around £45 per year on your heating bills. Sold in local DIY stores, all you need to do is measure the window or door frame, cut the strips to the required length and stick them to the outer edges. The strips are easy to fit, just make sure the surface is dry before you apply them.

You can find out more about the week, here.

Energy Efficiency Tips

As well as the 5 main tips on offer during Energy Savers Week 2024, there are plenty of other ways you can save both energy and money on your home heating this winter.

Tips and advice for heating your home for less, include:

  • Turn off any lights you’re not using – this saves around £25 per year on your energy bill.
  • Cut your costs by putting the washing on at 30℃ instead of 40℃.
  • Buy a chimney draught excluder and save around £65 per year on heating.
  • Ask your energy supplier if they offer any support grants for installing energy efficiency measures.
  • Ask your local council if they offer any local energy grants.

What Can Nehemiah Do To Help?

At Nehemiah, we want every tenant to be able to live in a comfortable, safe and warm home.

If you need more advice on keeping heating costs low this winter, there is energy support and advice available at Citizens Advice. Furthermore, we are here to provide support if you’re struggling to pay your bills – get in touch with us straightaway.

You can contact your Housing Officer or call us on 0121 358 0966 or email contact@nehemiah.co.uk and we will do all we can to ensure you can heat your home for less this winter.

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