Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2024

Posted on: 04 Feb 24

We are proud to be supporting this year’s Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week, which takes place between 5th and 11th February.

What Is The Awareness Week?

Using the hashtag #ItsNotOk, the Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week is a national campaign to raise awareness of sexual abuse and violence, and to provide an opportunity for individuals to have a conversation with others and to access the support they need.

It is a week dedicated to individuals and organisations that want to engage in dialogue. It is the perfect opportunity to group together and be heard – to make a stand and state that sexual abuse and sexual violence is not okay.

Any sexual activity that happens without the person’s full and informed consent is rape or sexual assault. Anyone can be a victim of sexual abuse or sexual violence and the blame lies always and only with the perpetrator – there are no excuses that justify the behaviour.

Sexual abuse and sexual violence are sometimes carried out by a stranger but more often, the perpetrator is known to the victim.

It is vital that those who experience sexual abuse or violence know it is not their fault and that there is help available – that it is not okay and must be stopped.  

What Happens During Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week?

During this week, there are 100s of events taking place across the country, online and in person.

Organisations, charities, schools, businesses and community groups, as well as individuals, host events to promote and provide a platform and safe space for discussions about sexual abuse and violence together with information on the available support services and how to access help.

Designed to put a spotlight on this topic and ensure people feel free to talk about their experiences and to access the help and support they need, this year’s Awareness Week runs from Monday 5th through to Sunday 11th February.

To get involved, use the hashtag #ItsNotOkay on social media. You can join in the conversation, find support services or get in touch with your local sexual health charities or organisations to see what they’re planning for this week.

What Can Nehemiah Do To Help?

At Nehemiah, we want every tenant to feel safe and to live in a comfortable home. This is why we are supporting the Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week this February.

If you have experienced sexual abuse or sexual violence, we want you to know there is help available. We are here to support you so please get in touch and we will help you find the advice and support services you need.

You can contact your Housing Officer or call us on 0121 358 0966 or email contact@nehemiah.co.uk and we will do all we can to ensure you can feel safe in your home.