Debt Awareness Week

Posted on: 22 Mar 24

It is Debt Awareness Week this week.

What Is Debt Awareness Week?

Run by the UK’s leading debt charity Step Change, Debt Awareness Week is dedicated to raising awareness of the help that is available for those experiencing debt, and to removing the stigma that stops some people from seeking debt advice.

The charity’s research shows there are 5 common reasons why people don’t seek help for financial advice when they’re in debt.

During the week of 18th through to 24th March, Debt Awareness Week will focus on some of the reasons individuals don’t get debt advice and the ways people can overcome these barriers.

What Happens During Debt Awareness Week?

As well as highlighting some of the barriers stopping people from seeking debt advice and offering up ways to overcome these barriers, Debt Awareness Week provides a range of tips and guides together with insights and real-life stories based on their clients’ experiences.

There will be access to lots of debt help resources, as well as Step Change’s debt advice tool that is available year-round. To get debt help now, click here.

To find out more about Debt Awareness Week, visit Step Change.

To get involved on social media, follow @StepChange on the platform X (formerly Twitter).

What Can Nehemiah Do To Help?

At Nehemiah, we want every tenant to be comfortable in their home and debt-free.

We are here to help with money advice whenever you need it. We work in partnership with Birmingham Settlement to provide tenants with free independent advice and support.

You can contact us with any money concerns you have, whether this is to do with how to increase your benefits, pay your rent, or pay off debt – and we will assist you in every way we can, including connecting you with Birmingham Settlement.

As one of the oldest charities in Birmingham, Birmingham Settlement was established in 1899 and provides independent money advice and community wellbeing activities such as help finding work and accessing training.

To speak to us about your money worries or to access Birmingham Settlement, you can contact your Housing Officer or call us on 0121 358 0966 or email contact@nehemiah.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

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