Why You Should Check Your Smoke Alarms Every Month

Posted on: 27 Jun 24

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms should be checked regularly to ensure they’re in working order and will keep you safe in your home.

Every home at Nehemiah is fitted with a smoke alarm to detect any smoke and potential fire in the property. This not only keeps you and your family safe but also your neighbours and others in the community.

If you have gas appliances, then your home will also be fitted with a carbon monoxide alarm, also known as a CO alarm, in any room that has gas-mains connected utilities. Gas cookers are excluded from this.

Test Your Alarms Monthly To Stay Safe

Make sure you test your smoke alarm on a monthly basis, so you know they are working. To do this, simply press the test button and an alarm should sound.

If in between the monthly tests your smoke alarm beeps occasionally, this means that the battery is low and needs to be changed.

You might be able to safely replace the battery in your smoke alarm, unless it is sealed. If you’re unsure or the battery is sealed within the alarm, call the Nehemiah Housing Repair Line on From a landline: FREEPHONE 0800 849 1400 From a mobile: 03030 30 1000 (*Calls to 03030 numbers cost the same as a normal land line number (even from a mobile), or are completely free if the caller has free minutes within their mobile phone tariff.) and we will replace it for you.

What If Your Alarm Is Faulty?

If your smoke alarm or CO detector is faulty, contact the repair line immediately on FREEPHONE 0800 849 1400 From a mobile: 03030 30 1000 and we will arrange for it to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

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